"It’s a Wonderful Life" is the perfect marriage of an author’s dream, a director’s deepest beliefs, and an actor who understood that George Bailey represents every person who feels lost or broken during the holidays.

Around this time every year, while people guilt themselves into gym memberships and yoga classes, I wonder why I haven't seen more movies from the Academy's Best Picture category.

Last year, I took a pretty good swing at remedying the issue. After a few months, I managed to fit in every winner over the last 50 years, but right around "Midnight

SALT LAKE CITY --  Christopher Gorham is a talented guy, isn’t he?

The actor has been a local favorite since starring alongside Anne Hathaway in the 2001 movie, “The Other Side of Heaven,” and has since enjoyed a successful career either doing television or superhero voiceover work.

Gorham has a history of making accomplished casts better, and his boyish charisma has served him well as