Morbius – 2 stars out of 4

Whenever I dig back into my review archives to refresh my memory on some film or franchise, or to come up with options for a new “favorites” discussion on the podcast, I’m always fascinated to see titles I barely remember covering. It’s not because they’re bad—the bad ones I remember—it’s just that they were

"The Batman:" 3 stars out of 4

“The Batman” is much better than I feared, but it’s not essential enough to justify its timing.

When I caught a trailer for Matt Reeves’s “The Batman” a few months back, my heart sunk. Not because I was invested in the film—I’m a Batman fan, but not a devotee—but rather because the new movie appeared


Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is a scrappy young thief who uses his extensive knowledge and charisma to float through life. That is until Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) reveals that he worked with Nate’s brother to search for Magellan’s lost treasure, introducing Nate to a world of adventure, distrust, and danger.

What a Ride!

I came into this film with extremely high


Right as she is going on stage to say “I do” to her superstar fiancé (Maluma) during a massive concert, Kat (Jennifer Lopez) spontaneously decides to try something new by marrying a random man in the crowd. Charlie (Owen Wilson) goes along for the ride to win points with his angsty pre-teen daughter (Chloe Coleman). Although they are living in

I didn’t expect 2021 to be a “great” year for movies, and it wasn’t. I fully expected it to be better than 2020—and it was—but we’re definitely still in low tide pandemic mode. Even so, as I started thinking about my favorite movies of the year, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had enough candidates to make narrowing


A new adaptation of the hit musical about star-crossed lovers trying to find their way in the 50’s New York slums as they are in the middle of a massive gang war between the Jets and the Sharks. Tension escalates between the gangs, threatening the relationship. 

My Thoughts

Spielberg has done it again, but are any of us really surprised? Granted,

Encanto: three stars out of four

About an hour into "Encanto," my five-year-old niece leaned over and started asking me if the movie was almost done. This could mean a lot of things, and it could mean absolutely nothing, but it does support a gut feeling that the latest Pixar movie is geared toward adults a little more than to kids.


Eternals - 2 Stars out of 4

Walking out of the “Eternals” press screening, the snarky jokes seem ready made. You could say something connecting the movie’s name to its two-and-a-half-hour running time, or just say it’s “Avengers, but boring.” Some of the criticism is unfair, because “Eternals” isn’t solely responsible for the glut of superhero burnout fodder it arrives in.