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What is the perfect movie order to enjoy a ‘Star Wars’ marathon

Oh sure, it seems like an easy question. But if you were to introduce someone to “Star Wars” series for their first time, would you really start with prequels? Check out our take on the perfect order, and let us know yours in the comments.

Directors who’ve made at least 3 good movies in a row

We all know of directors who have made two great movies back-to-back. But how many directors have made three consecutive critical or commercial successes? Here’s a list of five of our favorites.

Pixar is back to its heartstring-tugging ways with ‘Coco’

If you’re looking for heartwarming family entertainment this Thanksgiving weekend, Pixar has you covered. That is, unless you’re ashamed to cry in public. In that case, you’ll want to wait and see “Coco” in the privacy of your own home.