To get right to the point, and to save everyone any additional reading for the day, I left because my editor told me I couldn’t report on a movie at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

That is the short and direct answer.

If you’d like to keep reading you can. Obviously, there is more content below where I yammer on about

A few years back, my little family and I lived in Wellsville, UT.

It is a beautiful, miniature town with olde tyme shoppes and calendar-worthy views to fit the seasons. The crime-rate is low, the people pleasant, and on the off chance some minor discrepancy demands another set of ears, well, Sheriff Andy Griffith walks the streets alongside an eager Deputy Fife, ready

Around this time every year, while people guilt themselves into gym memberships and yoga classes, I wonder why I haven't seen more movies from the Academy's Best Picture category.

Last year, I took a pretty good swing at remedying the issue. After a few months, I managed to fit in every winner over the last 50 years, but right around "Midnight