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Our goal is to keep our viewers updated on Utah film news and what is new in the film industry in general. We believe in education, production and exhibition support for all fellow movie-lovers and creators.

Travis Poppleton has been covering movie news, film reviews and live events for publications around the country since 2010. He was also one of the voices behind the popular Flix Junkies podcast and award winning KSL Popcorn Report. Today, Travis covers classic movies and film history here at utah.film.

Joshua Terry is an award-winning film critic and photographer who has taught English composition for Weber State since 2016. He appeared on the KJZZ Movie Show from 2013-2016, and spent seven years as the weekly film critic for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City. With degrees in Mass Communication and American Studies, he has worked simultaneously in local media and academia for more than fifteen years.

Dani Hatch is a Film Studies major with a minor in Business Administration. She does most of her work independently, which is featured on her YouTube channel and her blog. She is passionate about collaborating with others  and she hopes to become a producer to professionally lead her own creative teams.


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‘Reminiscence’ delivers compelling premise, but lackluster story
‘Reminiscence’ delivers compelling premise, but lackluster story

Reminiscence (2 ½ Stars out of 4) Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself: “I like this world, but I want to hear a different story?” Maybe it’s just me. “Reminiscence” is a kind of sci-fi noir meditation on a universal sentiment, a mystery-thriller set...

Reynolds grins his way through witty gamer comedy ‘Free Guy’
Reynolds grins his way through witty gamer comedy ‘Free Guy’

Free Guy (3 stars out of 4) Shawn Levy’s “Free Guy” feels like a cross between a live-action “LEGO Movie” and the original “Tron.” If you consider yourself a gamer or a tech geek, you should be golden; but even if not, as long as you can roll with the nerd flow, it’s...