I enjoy my retro video games as much as the next 80s kid, so when I first heard of Adam Sandler’s “Pixels” I was game (yes, I went for the pun). After all, the short it’s based on is entertaining and simple. I particularly enjoyed the part where the pixels take out a Tetris attack on the NYC buildings. With the short only being two minutes long there is plenty of room to grow, right?

Only time will tell, but the first trailer that has been released leaves me with mixed feelings. First I’m like, “Adam Sandler, this could be fun.” Yet the only part in the trailer that had me chuckling was at the end, when the creator of Pac-Man went to talk to his “sweet little boy.”

I’m not one to easily give up hope though. The premise of aliens misinterpreting the classic video games we sent to space in a time capsule as an act of war has the potential for a lot of awesome. Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, and Josh Gad have the comedy chops to make this work. Although, if they need it, I’m pretty good at Donkey Kong, I could help them kick some pixelated booty and make some entertaining quips as I go.

Give the trailer a once over yourself and let us know what you think, is it worth another token to continue?

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