There are lots of things women can do just as well as men, and comedy is one of those things. With movies like “Pitch Perfect 2,” “Hot Pursuit,” and “Trainwreck” headed up by females and hitting theaters this summer, it’s becoming more evident that doing things like a girl is the right way to do things. Here’s a list of some favorites:


Bridesmaids (2011)

“Bridesmaids” is loaded with funny females. Starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Ellie Kemper, and Wendi McLendon-Covey, we’re taken down the road every maid of honor travels down. Okay, maybe not every maid of honor, but if you’ve been there you know how stressful it can be and how much you kind of want to throttle the other friends of the bride. It happens. Annie (Wiig) is down on her luck when it comes to work and love, but when her best friend, Lillian (Rudolph), announces her engagement and asks her to be her maid of honor, Annie takes on the task. Annie meets the rest of the bridesmaids and immediately becomes jealous of Helen’s (Byrne) friendship with Lillian. Helen one-ups Annie throughout the preparations, which ultimately causes Annie to have a meltdown and be kicked out of the wedding party. Helen doesn’t know what she’s doing though and ends up seeking Annie’s help when Lillian goes missing.


Baby Mama (2008)

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are probably one of the most well known comedy duos around today. In 2008 they starred in the comedy, “Baby Mama,” about a single businesswoman, Kate (Fey), who decides that it’s time to have a baby. When Kate learns that she has a small chance of being able to conceive she hires Angie (Poehler) to be her surrogate. Shortly after Angie shows up on her doorstep looking for a place to live. Their personalities totally clash, so obviously they end up besties in the end, as that’s how friendships work on film. This movie also poses the ultimate question, “Is that poop or chocolate?” However, when looking for your answer I propose a sniff test rather than tasting the substance in question.


Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)

Before social media took over the world, and you knew what your former classmates were up to on a daily basis, you had to wait for your high school reunions to catch up and try your hand at impressing those you studied calculus with. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow star as Romy and Michele, two friends living together in L.A. and not making much of their lives. When they find out their 10-year high school reunion is approaching, they decide to come up with a story to impress the girls that bullied them in high school. The same girls who made them miserable expose their lie, but ultimately Romy and Michele end up learning the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And after watching this movie you’ll never be able to listen to the song “Time After Time” without thinking of the awesome dance Sorvino and Kudrow shared with Alan Cumming.


Big Business (1988)

Beware the elderly nurses in the maternity ward; they may just mix up your identical twins with another set of identical twins. And no one will notice until forty years later, when the two sets of not-so-identical-any-more twins stumble across each other in New York. Confused? Well, that’s what makes the movie fun. Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin star as the mismatched twins – one set grew up in luxury in the big city, while the other set grew up in a small town in the country. When the plans of the rich twins threaten the town of the small-town twins, it sets things in motion for their meeting. To make things even more confusing, both parents named the Bette Midler twins Sadie and the Lily Tomlin twins Rose. What are the odds of that? Movie logic gets me every time.


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Musical comedies! One of my favorite things, like ever. This is also one of the earliest movies I remember watching. Marilyn Monroe plays Lorelei Lee and she ain’t nothin’ but a gold digger. Jane Russell plays her best friend Dorothy Shaw and she’s looking for a man who does not sport a “dadbod.” The two of them are showgirls who are headed to Paris for work. Lorelei is engaged to the wealthy Gus (Tommy Noonan), but he is under the control of his father, Edmund Sr., whom doesn’t think Lorelei is a good match for him. A detective is hired to follow the girls, and you know how it goes, hijinks ensue. “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is also the movie that revealed to us that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Cause shiny things are fun.

What movie would you add to this list?

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