The intriguingly bizarre story concerning the property rights of a severed foot will be hitting theaters September 25th. From the creators of “The King of Kong”, “Finders Keepers” promises characters just as big and just as funny as Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchel. If you’re a fan of “King” you’ll definitely want to check out the trailer below:


When his amputated leg is discovered in a grill sold at a North Carolina auction, John Wood finds himself at the center of a worldwide media frenzy. Believing the new-found attention to be his chance at doing some great things in an otherwise disappointing, wayward life, he’s quickly swept up in the hysteria as the leg’s enterprising buyer, Shannon Whisnant, then sues to regain its custody. But the stranger-than-fiction chain of events, fueling John’s drug addiction and compounded by generations of his familial dysfunction, soon sets John on the streets and heading to his certain demise. Just in time, however, another twist in these fantastical occurrences gives John a final shot at becoming whole for the first time in his life.

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