The HBO doc, “How to Dance in Ohio” will debut this October. From the studio:

NEW YORK, NY – HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO will air exclusively on HBO on October 26. The film by Alexandra Shiva spotlights a group of young people on the autism spectrum who spend 12 weeks practicing their social skills in preparation for a spring formal dance. Humorous and poignant, the intimate film focuses on three girls transitioning into adulthood, going inside their group therapy sessions, relationships with their families and private thoughts as they struggle to understand and navigate the social rules and the universally relatable feelings of suspense, trepidation and excitement that accompany a prom and first date.

The moving documentary HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO debuts MONDAY, OCT. 26 (9:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.

In Columbus, Ohio, a group of young people with an array of developmental challenges prepares for an iconic event – a spring formal dance.  They spend 12 weeks confronting and practicing their social skills as they prepare for the big event, to be hosted at a local disco.  Working with their trusted psychologist, they deconstruct fear and larger-than-life social anxiety one step at a time by picking dates, dresses, and, ultimately, a King and Queen of the Prom.  HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO is a story of the universal human need to grow, connect and belong as uniquely dramatized by individuals facing the deepest struggle toward social survival.


In HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO, we get to know three girls as they enter adulthood. Through their stories, and a chorus of other young women and men confronting similar issues, these girls reveal the hard work, perseverance and resilience it takes to be a part of contemporary society, along with the extraordinary challenges of being different. Entertaining, funny and heartbreaking, HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO challenges us to question and celebrate the path to human connection and to rethink the definition of normal.

HBO DOCUMENTARY FILMS presents a Gidalya Pictures film in association with Blumhouse Productions; Produced and Directed by Alexandra Shiva; Executive Producer, Jason Blum; Producer, Bari Pearlman; Editor, Toby Shimin; Cinematographer, Laela Kilbourn; Composer, Bryan Senti.

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