Last year we had the opportunity to interview Ed Oxenbould on the Flix Junkies Podcast while he was promoting “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” It was easily one of the highlights of our shows that year.

Before the interview, we were discussing before Ed arrived how he was in the new M. Night Shyamalan movie coming out the next year. No one knew much about it and M. Night likes to keep his movies secret until it is time to promote it. We knew Ed could not talk about it, but we tried to get some details out of him anyways. Listen to it here:

Well fast-forward a year later, and we finally got to see “The Visit.” It is no secret on our show that we like M Night’s earlier films, in fact I might say we loved them. Then his past three films left much to be desired, to the point that you thought his career was over. Well I am happy to report that M. Night for the time being is back.

I really enjoyed “The Visit.” Even though I am sick of the found footage/Documentary style of horror films, M. Night made this one work. Thanks mostly in part due to the awesome cast.

The person that really steals the show is Ed Oxenbould. After our interview last year with him, we felt like this kid was going to be a star, and I think we were right, for once. This movie gives him a chance to flex all his acting muscles, most noticeably his comedic acting. He informed us that his favorite movie was “Anchorman” and he must have been studying it cause he has awesome comedic timing.

“The Visit” is a mix of horror and comedy and it plays very well. It makes for an entertaining movie. There are already rumors out there that M. Night might team up with Blumhouse Productions again for a film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Yes Please. We just hope he throw Ed Oxenbould into the mix as well.

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