Now that you’re here on our site, if you take a second to look in the upper-left corner of this screen, you’re looking at our logo. It’s not terrible, is it?

Try telling that to John!

We sit down in our cozy little studio, minutes away from starting another fine show, me sipping my coffee and John his environment-killing bottled water. We do our mic tests, look over our notes one last time and… “You do something about that logo yet, Travis?”

walt-disney-drawingIt’s killing me, and worse, it’s throwing off my introductory “Hello, John.” Listen to our KC Clyde episode, and you’ll hear my frazzlement.

So, in an effort to shake up our pre-show ritual, this is me “doing something about it.”

For one lucky graphics designer, the Flicks Junkies are giving away a $100 Visa card, free movie tickets, a sweet t-shirt and guest-sponsorhsip slots — both here on the site and on our podcast. Between now and February 17th, we want to see what you would do with the Flicks Junkies brand. Official details are below, but here are a couple things to remember when designing.

First and foremost, we’re a podcast. We like speaking into a can and so we plan to keep doing it. Second, films are a pretty big deal to us. ¬†Third, we’ve never discussed our colors as a team so don’t feel trapped by our current color pallete. And lastly, have fun with it. We know that’s a clich√©, but our point is, don’t feel like we’re looking for one thing. If you have a vision, we want to see it unfiltered. Give us the straight skinny!

Okay, now for the official details:

  • We’re looking for vector based graphics
  • If your logo is selected, we’ll be requesting the project files along with the finished product
  • Keep it PG — no nakedness and stuff
  • All work must be 100% original
  • We’d like it to look nice on a t-shirt
  • If you win and would like to advertise your design business, you must provide a 250 x 250 graphic for your brand
  • all entries may be used on this site at any time
  • you can enter as many designs as you’d like
  • all entries must be emailed to Travis ( by February 17th — subject: “John won’t hate this”
  • BONUS — submit a 200 x 1280 banner version and you’ll at least make the top three… probably

I think that’s it. If you win, we may make you sign something about rights and all that, but this is a pretty casual contest. Also, if you win, plan to pick up said winnings at KSL studios in Salt Lake. If you absolutely can’t make that happen, we’ll work something out, but let’s start with that as our official plan for prize winnings.

If you have any questions you can either comment here or tweet @flicksjunkies or hit us up on Facebook or just email me directly at All submissions MUST be submitted before February 17th.

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