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Utah movie related news, events, and happenings


Five New Productions Approved to Film in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY  Utah Film Commission today announced the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Board approval of five new projects for state film incentives — see for more

Tumbleweeds Film Festival

Utah Film Center’s 9th annual Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids takes place March 6–12, 2020 at Library Square. Tumbleweeds, the Mountain West’s only international film festival for families… see more at the Utah Film Center

National Theater Live

The Tanner Humanities Center, in collaboration with the Salt Lake Film Society, is proud to present a series of filmed performances by the National Theatre company in London. Find out more at the Salt Lake City Film Society

Retro movie review: 1927 ‘Wings’ soars as first Academy Award

Retro movie review: 1927 ‘Wings’ soars as first Academy Award

Around this time every year, while people guilt themselves into gym memberships and yoga classes, I wonder why I haven't seen more movies from the Academy's Best Picture category. Last year, I took a pretty good swing at remedying the issue. After a few months, I...

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Featured Events

Salt Lake Film Society

November 15th – November 21st 2019


PARASITE   1:00, 3:30, 6:00**, 9:00 (**No 6:00 pm screening on Wednesday 11/20)
JOJO RABBIT   12:05, 2:15, 4:25, 7:05, 9:15
HARRIET   11:55, 2:20, 4:40, 7:00, 9:25
PAIN AND GLORY 11:55*, 2:10*, 7:05, 9:20 (*No screening at 11:55 am & 2:10 pm on Saturday 11/16)
THE LIGHTHOUSE   4:25, 9:10
THE REPORT 12:00, 2:20, 4:40, 7:10, 9:30 (*The 12:00 pm and 7:10 pm shows of THE REPORT on TUE 11/19 will be presented with Open Captioning)
THE CAVE 12:15, 2:10, 4:05, 7:00


FANTASTIC FUNGI 12:15, 2:00, 4:00, 7:00, 9:00

Free screenings with the Utah Film Center

  • Nov 08 – ILLUMINATE Light Art and Technology Festival  
  • Nov 12 – Right to Harm
  • Nov 13 – Chained for Life
  • Nov 19 – Changing the Game
  • Nov 26 – Warrior Women