avengers-age-of-ultron-trailer-hulkbusterI remember going to see “The Avengers” a few years back with a group of good friends.  While walking out of the theater I was getting ready to bash the movie with them when, to my astonishment, I found out they’d totally loved it.  Still to this day they think I’m crazy for not liking that movie. 

Like most films, I go in trying to be unbiased.  If I’m going to sit in a theater for two hours I want it to be good, I want to be surprised and wowed.  That never happened with the first Avengers, and guess what, it didn’t happen with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” either.  So odds are you’re probably reading this thinking I’m just a movie snob, I only like indie films, etc.  Well if you’ve listened to the podcast you know nothing could be further from the truth. 

I liked “Guradians of the Galaxy” a lot and was way entertained by it.  Loved the first Iron Man. I think those two films did it right.  There are a few other Marvel movies I was also entertained by but there are also some I think are just horrible — sorry Thor I am looking your way.

I feel like any movie Marvel makes now with any of the Avenger characters is going to be huge.  They could do one called “Captain America Files His Taxes” and people would watch it.  You put the Avengers together in a movie you have a huge hit.  With that attitude though, I feel like they had permission to skip over having a good story and focused on huge action, inserting cheesy jokes every time someone did something amazing.

So, my review of the movie will be short because the odds are you’re a fan and have probably stopped reading by now.  It’s pretty much just like the first one. Things, exploded, some of the Avengers fight amongst themselves, and they have to save the world.  Oh and then of course the cheesy comments after they do something actiony. 

What is really hard is I love the cast. All the actors are people I like.  It’s hard to see so much talent go to waste 

I just wish they would have given the time and care that Christopher Nolan put into his “Batman” trilogy, or added something new like James Gunn added to the “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  Take a risk! Like I said, people would see this if it was the “Avengers Play Badminton.” 

So there you have it. I didn’t like “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Let the comments fly and curse my name but I will stand by it. This is not a good movie.  It will go on to make a gazillion dollars at the box-office though so what do I know. Maybe I am the one taking crazy pills.  Yet again the “Transformers” movies make billions as well and you can’t tell me those are good movies. 

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